Physical Activity for Elders

Many cancer survivors also are elders

  • Physical Activity: Elders Facts (because many cancer survivors are elders)
    • Lack of exercise and poor dietary habits are the second largest underlying cause of death (smoking was the largest among elders in the USA)
    • More than 2 out of every 3 older adults don't do regular physical activity. Even fewer than these are cancer survivors
    • You need to be getting more vitamins and minerals when you do a physical activity program
    • Although most elders don't notice it, they lose 20-40% of their muscle tissue as they get older
    • Exercise can partly restore muscle and strength
    • Staying physically active is important for feeling better and having high quality life
    • Staying active and physically fit helps you take care of yourself longer
    • May need more steps or activities to attain weight loss (combined with fewer calories)
    • Some exercise is better than none for all people, but especially for cancer survivors