Native Patient Navigator Training

Training Introduction

Patient Navigation Resource Center



Overview of Native PN

  • PN Definitions & Roles (45mins)
  • PN Navigating HC system in and out of Indian Country (45mins)
  • PN & Cancer Continuum (45mins)
  • PN Collaborating with HC Team (30mins)
  • PN Safety (90mins)
  • PN Resources & Resource Guide (45mins)

History and Cultural Framework Related to PN

  • AI / AN history and impact on perceptions and healthcare (45mins)
    • Optional: historical trauma (40min)
    • Optional: AI sterilization (30min)
    • Optional: Havasupai (30min)
  • Cultural competency with AI/AN settings (45mins)

Implementing & Interpreting Assessment Tools

  • Needs assessments (30mins) 
  • Patient's goals and preferences (30mins) 
  • Survivorship care plans (60mins) 
  • Stress / distress (30mins) 
  • Quality of life (30mins) 
  • Fatigue (30mins) 
  • Pain (30mins) 

AI/AN Patient Life Goal Setting & Culture

  • PN helping patient identify goals, concerns & questions to share with HC team (30mins)
  • Emotionally challenging situations (40mins) 
  • Advanced directives (90mins)
  • Final legal will and testament (with legal representative) (30mins)
  • Tribal will and inheritance policies versus non-Native assumptions (40mins)

Outreach Strategies in Non-Native & AI/AN Events

  • Informing through tribal newsletters, papers, radio, TV, PSA, or short articles (45mins)
  • How to advertise (45mins)
  • How to write information articles (Indian Country Today, tribal newspaper) (45mins)
  • Participant outreach and recruitment strategies (45mins)
  • Outreach at community events: Do's & Don'ts (45mins)
  • Exhibit booth protocol (PowWow, health fair) (45mins)
  • I/T/U Protocols for promotional products (30mins)
  • Critique of informational videos, digital stories in waiting rooms (40mins)

  • Basic verbal, vocal and non-verbal (60mins)
  • Elevator speeches (30min; participant activity next day for 20mins)
  • Motivational inerviewing (conducted with specialists from the PN training collaborative only) (6hours)
  • AI/AN communication patterns & culture (45mins)
  • Common AI/AN patient-provider / family issues (75mins)
  • Resolving conflict, avoiding common AI/AN miscommunication (45mins)
  • I-messages: learning how to ask questions that the AI/AN patient desires and the non-native provider can understand (45mins)

  • Messages (phrasing) (40mins)
  • Media (format) (40mins)
  • Settings (venue) (40mins)
  • Creating culturally appropriate products for local AI/AN community (40mins)
  • Literacy (40mins)

  • Forms for evaluating PN actions (60mins)
  • Evaluation strategies: do's and dont's (40mins)
  • How to write effective knowledge, attitude, self-efficacy and behavior questions (45mins)
  • Using Audience Response Systems (ARS) (60mins)
  • How to write and use effective qualitative questions & responses (30mins)
  • Forms and skills evaluating PN work one-on-one (45mins)
  • Forms & skills evaluating PN work with small groups (45mins)
  • Forms & skills evaluating PN work with family (45mins)

  • Native Cancer 100 (overview of cancer) (50mins)
    • Native Cancer 100 optional excerpt genes and cancer (25mins)
  • Native Cancer 101 (diagnosing & staging) (60mins)
  • Native Cancer 102 (treatments) (60mins)
  • Native Cancer 103 (side effects) (60mins) 
  • Keep tobacco sacred (90mins)

  • SoE Native Cancer 101 Module 4 (role of genes in cancer) (60mins)
  • SoE Native Cancer 101 Module 8 (specimens & biobanks) (90mins)
  • SoE Native Cancer 101 Module 9 (chronic conditions, co-morbidities & cancer) (90mins)
  • SoE Native Cancer 101 Module 10 (screenable cancers combined) (120mins)

  • Get on the path to breast health (90mins)
  • Get on the path to cervical health (90mins)
  • Get on the path to colorectal health (90mins)
  • Get on the path to lung health (90mins)
  • Get on the path to prostate health (90mins)

  • Brain (60mins)
  • Endometrial (60mins)
  • Lymphoma (90mins)
  • Gynecological (60mins)
  • Multiple Myeloma (90mins)
  • Pancreatic (90mins)
  • Kidney (60mins)
  • Stomach (60mins)
  • Adult Leukemia (60mins)
Legend of Competency Domains:
I. Domain: Ethical, cultural, legal, and professional issues II. Domain: Client and care team interaction and communication skills III. Domain: Health Knowledge IV. Domain: Patient care coordination V. Domain: Practice-based learning VI. Domain: Systems-based learning VII. Domain: Communication / interpersonal skills