International Indigenous Peoples Navigation Network (IIPNN)

(as recognized by the Academy of Oncology Nurse and Patient Navigators (AONN+)

The International Indigenous Peoples Navigation Network (IIPNN) is a virtual support network for navigators who work with Indigenous Populations. Native American Cancer Research Corporation (NACR) has implemented patient navigation services since 1994 and conducted Native Patient Navigation (NPN) trainings since the latter 1990s.  Following these trainings, Patient Navigators (PN(s)) repeatedly expressed appreciation for the opportunity to talk, network and collaborate with other PNs who work within Indigenous settings. Through NACR's involvement with organizations such as the Academy of Oncology Nurse and Patienut Navigators (AONN+), we were able to create an international Indigenous network to help support one another in our cancer navigation efforts.  

NOTE: The next IIPNN will be later this summer.  All IIPNNs meet virtually and are held on a Tuesday for USA and Canada 5:00 MOUNTAIN Time (please convert the time to your time zone) and Wednesday for New Zealand and Australia. Most webinars are 90 minutes duration and as of March 2022, all are video-taped and later posted onto the website. Click "+" to expand the sections below, then on the blue font link(s) to access further information.

Name: International Indigenous Peoples' Navigation Network  (IIPNN, pronounced, "I pin")

Why an Indigenous Peoples Navigation Network?

There are both cultural and geographic challenges and solutions that may be unique to Indigenous communities and the Patient Navigators who work in those areas. Many Navigators work in isolation. The focus of IIPNN is on sharing stories of how navigation programs have overcome challenges in culturally respectful ways. Such stories may help PNs working in another region or continent try something new or modify what was done to be locally appropriate to one's setting.


Provide a virtual support program to address culturally and geographically unique challenges and solutions of Indigenous Navigation programs.


Cancer Patient Navigators who work within Indigenous programs in the USA, Pacific Islands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. 

What would you be responsible for should you choose to join this initiative?

There is no fee. You would be expected to attend 90-minute virtual meetings, held four times each year. The goal is to be supportive of navigators who work within Indigenous communities and the members to feel comfortable to share their stories, lessons learned or request help. Additionally, members will suggest topics for which they would like more information (education topic) for subsequent gatherings. IIPNN is to help us all learn more about one another and to reinforce "we are all related".

What do you do if you choose to become involved in IIPNN?

Send your name, address, work or cell phone and email to


Metrics - Full List

Metrics - Handout

Resources Shared by IIPNN members

March 16, 2022 IPNN webinar clips

We did not begin recording webinars until March 16, 2022.  There are multiple parts to each webinar. Select the clip to view.

IPNN (2022-03-16) Participant Self-Introductions

Gail Garvey, Part 1

Gail Garvey, Part 2

Sandra Thompson, Part 1

Sandra Thompson, Part 2

Sandra Thompson, Part 3

Sandra Thompson, Part 4

April 27, 2022 Linda Burhansstipanov, DrPH, overview of PONT and AONN+ Metric Toolkit

PONT definitions and AONN_ Metric Toolki+

August 4, 2022 Diana Redwood, PhD, ANTHC Colorectal Cancer Control Program


October 11, 2022 Claire Saxton from the Cancer Support Community

Plain language for genetics and Precision Medicine

February 28, 2023 Patient Navigation Across the CRC Control continuum:  Experience from AI ACCSIS Projects

PN across CRC continuum

May 2, 2023 Walking Forward video 

IPNN Walking Forward Panel Presentation

September 26, 2023  in-home HPV cervical cancer studies and an overview of Cancer Advocacy and Patient Education (CAPE) resources

AONN CAPE Overview

Dr. Harper describes in-Home HPV testing - Part 1

Dr. Harper describes in-Home HPV testing - Part 3

December 5, 2023 Getting Started with Metrics and Reports for Patient Navigation Programs

Getting Started with Metrics and Reports for Patient Navigation Programs  (90 minutes)

April 2, 2024

A Māori Navigation Program

May 22, 2024

IPNN Pfizer video