What is Pre-Diabetes?

  • When a person has a higher than normal blood sugar but not high enough to be diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, they are said to have "pre-diabetes"
  • Blood tests determine if a person has pre-diabetes
  • Persons with pre-diabetes are at very high risk of developing diabetes
  • The key is that diabetes can be prevented if you have pre-diabetes
Why is it important to know you're pre-diabetic?
  • If you know you are pre-diabetic, you can learn how to decrease your chances of getting diabetes
  • You may actually prevent getting diabetes - and its complications
  • Taking care of pre-diabetes can prevent diabetes by eating a healthy diet and getting daily physical exercise
  • Some people with pre-diabetes may be placed on low dose diabetes medication to help lower the blood sugar
How do I know if I have pre-diabetes?
  • There are usually no symptoms of pre-diabetes
  • The only way to diagnose pre-diabetes is by a blood test
    • A fasting blood sugar (FBS) 
    • A oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)