Help & Support

What information can I find in this section?

Authors of this section are Lisa Harjo, MEd (Choctaw Nation), Linda Burhansstipanov, DrPH (Cherokee Nation), Corrie Santos, PhD (Apache and Navajo), Terrie Restivo (Cherokee Nation), Alice Bradley, Amanda Bradley, Sharon Johnson and Catherine Marshall

  • Awareness of the kinds of help and support that are available to help people with cancer
  • Phone numbers and internet links for organizations you can contact for help and support
  • Hints about how to find and use resources
  • Ideas for how your family and loved ones can help you find resources
  • Ideas on how to organize your search for resources
  • Tips and tools to save time and energy

Allow others to help you

  • Young relatives of cancer patients often struggle to find ways to help and support elders during the cancer experience
    • They often want so badly to help but don't know how. Help them to help you and to feel included in your cancer journey
    • You can ask them to type and print out your "list of needs" for you on the computer
    • Remind them to use a clear "font" like "Arial" and large size like "14" or "16" to make it easier for you to read
  • Working on a list in your notebook can be a first step to getting help but it can also be emotionally and physically draining
    • Sometimes it's hard to even know what you need and what you can ask for
    • Don't get discouraged; this is a learning process
    • You can add new needs to your list as they come up
    • Remember to take frequent breaks and also consult with your family, social worker, and/or Patient Advocate for help while developing your list of needs
  • Keep in mind that the Creator gives you choices 
    • You can choose to keep your disease to yourself, to try to shield your loved ones, by suffering alone or in silence 
    • Sometimes this approach hurts our loved ones more than it helps them 
    • If you choose to try to shield your loved ones in this way, your family, friends and community may follow your lead and deal with their own pain about your cancer alone, in silence, not knowing how you are doing or how to help you
    • You can choose to fight the cancer battle fiercely, with the backing of your family, friends and community all doing battle with you at your side 
    • This can be done with honor and bravery knowing your community counts on you for direction in this battle just as you count on their strength, assistance and support