Video Vignettes - Vincent Bointy
Vincent Bointy / Vision

"The rains came and we came to this big river. I had to swim, I was a good swimmer, I had to swim across this big river to get him across. Then we went on again. We went so far where it came summer again, and we were going east. ... I started running and I would jump over things and run and jump over things. I looked back and noticed he was right with me. I would run as fast as I run, and he would be right with me, my old grandpa. I would jump some, and he'd jump them too and he was as spry as I was. We come to a creek that kind of run at this angle, and we got over there. I got to this creek and a voice said 'your grandmother is just over this mountain on the other side of creek'. Kind of hills-like for a mountain and said your grandmother just over that mountain over there waiting. Then, we both broke out in full run, but all this voice said, you can't go any further, passed this creek, got to stop, only he can go on. He went on, I saw him go into the creek saw him come out the other side. He never looked back. Never said good-bye. He was so anxious to get there, get up the hill, he disappeared. He never looked back, never said I'm going, so I come back, I started back. Same area, I came back, came through the same kind of weather, came across that river, came winter again, came through all those seasons. Finally, all the way back same way, finally, come back to the river come in there. I was sitting there and my food was gone. I guess they picked it up. I must have been a trance or something. But this was when the next morning the doctor came in and said your grandfather passed away but I happened to get over there even though he'd passed away. I had to get over there."