Video Vignettes - Vincent Bointy
Vincent Bointy - near death experience

"I was going out. I knew I was going out cause I couldn't breathe or nothing, and so, in my mind my brother said, "the Lord have my grandfather, my grandmother Jenny, and my mother-in-law pray for me." Then I went out. I left, I left my body and I went to the ceiling and I was up in the ceiling went to work on me, they was pounding me, working on me those two doctors and about four nurses and then I went on. Someone might have told you that you have a lot of things and it was most serene, or most tranquillity, the most peaceful feeling I ever had in my mind when I was going. Somewhere along the way, I saw a lot of beauty somewhere along the way, the big "boy" stops. Right here you have to decide whether to go on or to go back. It seemed like I was on this, like a feather, just, sort of balanced . Looked like if I went back. Looked like I went forward and go on and I really didn't say that I would back. I just thought wonder what I should do. I wondered if I should go back. That's all I thought, wondered if I should go back I didn't say I wouldn't go back but I started back. I went back to the same area I came to, I don't how I got there, and I come and see they were still working on me, pounding on me, throwing me around. So I come on down and when I went into my body I opened my eyes."