Video Vignettes - Vincent Bointy
Tobias Martinez / Visions/Symbols

"I heard about Sundance, myself I felt I had qualified long ago for the crying for the vision. I cried for many of my visions for many moons under that radiation, and I got my visions. So I started sharing because part of my visions said I should share whatever I got as far as those feathers, they came back to me as more feathers, more feathers of love. They gave you honoring feathers, they gave you feathers for the four directions, they gave you feathers for the up and the down, and I had them all, and I even took them off my own head when I was still receiving them so completely and whenever anybody needed one I gave them right from my own head, it was the give and take. All of a sudden my grandmother's story about giving one and receiving many, it took on a different meaning, it took on that if I gave one part of myself to very many people that they would give me back very many things themselves."