Video Vignettes - Ruth Demitt
Ruth Demitt / Helping Others

"Asked me to come down to speak to some people, like this one little lady, elderly lady and, I guess Claudette had trouble explaining to her explaining to her, you know, why they were giving her chemotherapy and she thought surely they were trying to kill her, you know. So I went down there and I spoke to her and I said you're sitting in the same chair where I used to be and she looked at me and she said you were here? And I says ya and they had me hooked up just like that. And I says, do you know why they're doing this? And she said ya, they're trying to make me sick, you know. And I says no, I says, this is the medication to keep you from getting sick and this kind of sickness can kill you. What this nurse and these doctors are trying to do is trying to make you well. And uh, so later on when she, I went down to Claudette I said well how is this lady doing? And she said oh just fine she just marches right in and sits down."