Video Vignettes - Ruth Demitt
Ruth Demitt / Radiation Treatment

"I didn't like the radiation treatment. It's was, it's like walking into a different world. It's just different language a lot of medical terms and all that stuff and then they put me on a table and strapped me down and stuff like that and I would not, I wouldn't talk about it, I wouldn't talk about it, and I thought well I'd be tough and I would just, I would not say anything and the only thing that really got me mad was, I was tied up on the table there and one of the technicians had seen a tear come down my face and I was so mad because I didn't like to be tied down. So they called in a social worker, and I thought you guys don't know what you're doing, you know just leave me alone, just leave me alone. So, finally, when I finally got used to it, it was always towards the end, I finally accepted it."