Video Vignettes - Mary Lou Davis
Mary Lou Davis / Message to Others

"Don't give up hope, and don't think that that it's the end, you know. I think you can uh, there's a lot of uh avenues now, treatments and new things, and so you don't have to have that feeling of doom I think that people had in the past about cancer. I think there's powerful things out there now. I think early diagnosis is the answer to breast cancer, to survival of breast cancer.

If you think something's wrong, I think you need to know your own system, you can tell, I can tell when I'm sick, I can tell when I feel bad and I think I knew that there was something really wrong with me and we just couldn't figure it out and I think you need to listen to your body, pay attention and if you think something's wrong, keep at it. I probably uh, a year and a half ago I started having some real major problems, and it turns out, I think it's your immune system that is telling you, you know, we're fighting something and you've got these other things and you've just got to get with it. And go in and do breast exams, that's absolutely important, I think those mammogram are vital for getting an early detection."