Video Vignettes - Mary Lou Davis
Mary Lou Davis / Support from Family

"My husband, John, was with me all the time and then they were all at the hospital with me, my daughter, Jamie, and my nieces, I have twin nieces, Marsha and Debbie. As a matter of fact I think there were like about twenty people out there in that hall when I woke up out there in that hall when I woke up from surgery and they continued to come to see me, bring me stuff, and take me places and you know just.
Debbie came over to took me to the doctor, it was, actually it was, that's my niece, it was easier for me to have her take me and then, then she could listen to everything he had to say and then I didn't have to think about it all and I think that does help, to have someone with you when you're going in and the doctors talking to you because you're not always cognizant of everything that's going on and they can ask questions and they can remember, especially if they're a lot younger than you are. So that really did help."