Video Vignettes - Mary Nance
Mary Nance / Pain / Pain Journal

"The only pain I experienced during chemo that was my first round of chemo. That was very excruciating something happened to me, like I said I could picture it and that's when I got into sharing with how I could see my pain and I could describe it and feel, it actually draw it. My whole back lit up like lightning strike, it was like an electrical storm in my back and I had the nurses trying to tell me and convinced me that I had hurt my back, pulled my back, they had never heard of it. I saw it different, I went to work that day and every two or three steps I'd take I'd see this lightning up in my head and felt it in my back. I got home after my shift was over and my kids had to help me out my pickup. I honked they had to come out and pick help me and I could barely walk. And at that time I didn't have Percocet I didn't have anything to deal with it. So the next morning I went in and got checked in again and Percocet was given to me. I try not to use medicine, I don't even like aspirin or Tylenol, and I don't use them too much and I keep my Tylenol .. my Percocet out of the house. I have it across the street."