Video Vignettes - Mary Lou Calabasa
Mary Lou Calabasa / Cancer Symptoms

"Me and my son and I was playing around, you know wrestling playing and the girl just grabbed my breast and uh next morning I went to bed, I didn't feel nothing. Early I woke up and I had a bruise on my breast and so I call my son and I asked my son I say what's happen to me? And he said, look at my breast it's blue, he said "What happened?", and so I said it's hurting, so he took me to doctor in Albuquerque at the Indian hospital. He took me there and uh they gave me some medicine to take, they thought it was just a bruise, so I went back home. Few days later, my nipple started dripping so I go scared my son took me back to the hospital and the doctor in Albuquerque told me to go up to Sante Fe and have it x-rayed."