Video Vignettes - Mary Lou Calabasa
Mary Lou Calabasa / Spiritualty / Examples / Prayer/Belief

"My daddy believe in that so he said his own prayers for me, cause he believe strong belief in that, so now I'm standing by him, he's old now and he's standing by me too. He always tells me, be strong and pray everyday, when the sun come up you pray to the sun, when the sun go down, pray for that and then go outside talk to the moon when it come up. Whenever you see it when the stars come up, talk to them they get you well, they the spirits, they the one that takes care of you to live each and everyday. Be glad to see the sun. Be glad to see the sun go down and talk to the moon when it come up, early in the morning, late at night, talk to them and tell your brothers and sisters if they have a heavy heart, talk to them relieve your heart or go to your aunties, nephews, talk to them, they'll understand, that's what he tells me, so I do that."