Video Vignettes - Mary Lovato
Mary Lovato / Denial

"Like I was in denial. I drove all the way to Oklahoma. I was running away from my cancer, and you know not even thinking that, that my cancer is gonna be gone if I got to Oklahoma but my daughter was the one that said mom you came all the way to Oklahoma and when you get home you're still going to have cancer. And I had realized that I did that it wasn't that I wasn't realizing that I was going to go that far. I thought I was going just to go just a little ways. But, like I said, you know, everything I knew about cancer and I know quite a bit about denial stages and I worked with people that go through denial stage. I myself went in that direction again, I went into denial stage. But once I talked about it, it was out in the open and I felt good about it and got my treatments done and I'm here."