Video Vignettes - Mary Lovato
Mary Lovato / Pain Management

"I learned a new technique from Caren Trujillo, how to ease my pain and it's working pretty real good with me. The only time I had to take my morphine was last night cause I couldn't find her and morphine is the only drug that's keeping me comfortable now. But with Caren's help when I first got here, she told me that I looked like I was in pain. So I told her I was, so she took me aside and she's teaching me how to ease my pain, and it worked. I couldn't find her last night, so last night I took morphine. So, this morning I was groggy walking around looking like l wasn't all here. But I had her work with me again so I'm feeling really good and strong about the way she was teaching me how to ease my pain. I know I'm addicted to morphine now, every time I begin to feel the pain I have to get my shot but then I'm out the whole day or the whole night. Then I don't do anything else, so now with this [ed. traditional healing] I may be alert and aware of what's going on, so I don't have to take my morphine no more, but I'm gonna to try to practice this method"