Video Vignettes - Margo Boesch
Margo Boesch / Prosthesis and Humor

"I'll never forget the first time I got on the scale, I took out the prosthesis and I handed to the little nurse. Who obviously knew I was a breast cancer survivor but had never seen a prosthesis and it scared her. And unfortunately she dropped it, it bounced, she screamed and the doctor said "what did you do to the nurse"? My prosthesis weighed 4 half pounds, that's a lot of prosthesis. I have one set that every time I go through security at airports it sets off the alarm.

They get they get a little nervous cause sometimes I don't think those people know what a prosthesis means, and then I say well… I had breast cancer and these are my breasts, and then oh, oh, oh. One woman came at me like this… and she went oh no, no, no. I said look all we have to do is take them out put them in the shoe box is run them through the x-ray machine…. with that they said you're okay."