Video Vignettes - Margo Boesch
Margo Boesch / Acknowledge the sadness

"If I could talk about anything to other cancer survivor that is really important, is the importance of… grieving. Of taking the time to really acknowledge what you've been through. A lot of times people say you have to keep a positive attitude and you have to do all this and you know, keep a positive outlook and just championing on. With Indian women we have tendency to do that, to make sure everbody is doing well and were not interfering with them and they're not worrying too much about us. But what happens is that we don't process the sadness because there is a loss, there is a loss of innocence when you have had cancer and you need to go through those feelings and process them, that's the only way to get through cause otherwise it's like putting food in Tupperware and then you come back in October and your going, what is this fuzzy stuff?

But it doesn't go away. But once you process the grief that's truly living, what they call living in strength. Because you can't acknowledge or appreciate what you have today until you realize where you come from. Because being in the moment to living in strength, is to be here and if you're still pretending that you didn't feel anything, you can't be here, because there's a part of you that's always protecting that piece. So one of the things I'd like to say to my sisters is allow for the pain, allow for the sadness, allow for the tears, because they're all part of the healing process. And that's what comes to make you stronger and better. Because the tears are like the rain in spring that bring the flowers, but after you process that then you can go on and do all other things that you need to or want to do."