Video Vignettes - Ralaine M. Hinton
Ralaine M. Hinton / Personal Reaction to Diagnosis

"Something always told me that I was going to get breast cancer. So when I was diagnosed, it really wasn't that big of a surprise to me. The decision that I made, for myself, in order to save my life was very radical and my approach was fairly simple. So I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy, and down the road, I also chose to have a hysterectomy. I knew that with my family history that the possibility of cervical cancer and uterine cancer was a reality for me also. I know that in my heart I made the best decisions for myself. They might not be the best decisions for every woman who's faced with breast cancer, but those decisions that I made were based on my circumstances and I went straight foreword and straight-ahead with my decisions. So rather than put a band-aid on a very large problem. I opted to put a bandage and I did what I had to do."