Video Vignettes - June Grant
June Grant / Ancestors with her during Treatments

"Every time I went into the radiation ledge, to have some radiation, I had all these ancestors with me and I'm thinking know sort of imagining the struggle everybody was shuffling to sort of get closer to me while I was having radiation. And I was lying there thinking, because you're quite isolated, you're on a bed in the middle of the room, and you're all lined up with the grid pattern and you've got the radiation going on, and they're all hiding in the other room because radiation is really not good for you, so they're hiding and I'm on the table with all that radiation going on. And there's all my ancestors and they all crowding to get close to me and to support me now that's what got me through those things. Sitting there having chemo, sitting with imagining that everyone had a seat in the room knowing that my parents were there. Knowing that grandparents were there, knowing that my great grandparents were there, and that's what gets you through."