Video Vignettes - June Grant
June Grant / Waited for Months

"I returned to New Zealand. I spoke to my daughter about it. I said, I think I found a lump, all the time I was thinking, we don't get breast cancer in our family, and there's no, so I am well and I'm 53, I'm well. And there's no reason for me to believe that this is actually anything serious. So I'll just put it off for a couple months, which was a really stupid thing to do. By the time I did go to the surgeon and had the biopsy. It was, I challenged him, he said well yes, your results are back and you've got cancer, and I said, have you got the right results, because we don't get cancer. He said I'm really sorry. It was like a shock to the core feeling because I went on my own, I had such security in the knowledge that nothing would happen to me."