Video Vignettes - George Hogan III
George Hogan III - Message to Others

"I think that if they need surgery that they should as soon as diagnosed as cancer and that it can be removed, they should get on it right, as soon as they can; because if they let it go it will spread and some of them I've heard that they diagnose cancer and they let it go for almost a year before they have this surgery, and I think they should get on it right away. Either with ... while it's small they can use chemical therapy, and I think they should get on that right away. That is my advice and don't be scared. Go through with it.

Some of them let it go and it kills them, they die from it. That is my advice. Soon as they're diagnosed, do something about it. Listen to the doctors. Surgery or chemical therapy.

And if they feel that they have something that any kind of a little pain in the lung or anywhere, they should tell the doctor, because they may get it early. Before, I didn't even think nothing of it. That cost me a lot."