Video Vignettes - Dorcas Bloom
Dorcas Bloom / Lump size of walnut in 98

"I found it in November 97', I forgot all about it until the year 98' in September. I was due for a mammogram and I went to it. While I was waiting in that mammogram room for radiology, my breast was always itching on that one certain side. I was scratching it and I, I ran into a lump, I found a lump myself it was as big as a walnut. I figured there was something wrong, so when the radiologist came in I said to her I found a lump on my breast, would you be kind enough to call my husband so he could come, so she called him and she gave me a mammogram and did it all over again.

It just so happened the surgeon was there and he came in and talked to me and talked to my husband in and explain things and we asked questions. He said he was going to be my surgeon, so he scheduled me to go for biopsy so I went to have biopsy in his hospital and sure enough we find out it was cancerous and it had gotten into my lymph nodes, so they scheduled the mastectomy, and he gave me an option. He, he asked if, I want to have a lumpectomy or just a mastectomy. I didn't what no lumpectomy at my age, so I told him me and my husband talked about it. I thought it was best to have a mastectomy. And um so that's what I did, I had a mastectomy."