Video Vignettes - Dorcas Bloom
Dorcas Bloom / Traditional Medicine

"My body just turned to herbs, everything natural. It turned to…

I never used to believe in stuff like that and then my friends, old ladies, they started bringing me traditional medicine, and I never knew how to use them because I never, I'm from a different village, where we're not immune to stuff like that. But I heard a few people talking that these traditional medicines, they work.

I find that traditional medicine cleared my esophagus, what the, what the normal medicine couldn't do. The first thing I do is, I drink my stink weed. And if I have no time to make… like when I'm traveling I bring a bag with me and I just chew it and drink the juice, it really does work. These people who have experience with this made me a believer, I never used to believe it. I believe because it worked on me."