Video Vignettes - Dora Garcia
Dora Garcia / Spiritual Acceptance

"I think everything all rolled into one to help me get to where I am today. Yes, spiritually that played a big part of it too.

But, of course, for a time there. I sat and I prayed and I asked, My prayers aren't happening. Where are they?" But it was just that it took time for me to understand that I was the one that wasn't really accepting it. There was a part of me would not accept it. It was there, it was just that I was so frightened that I could just not take that step into accepting that it was still there. I was always questioning, 'Where are they?' I'm always asking for spiritual healing and guidance but it's, it's not coming." After I realized that I was the one of putting a block up, because of fear. Fear was the greatest thing that blocked up everything. And once that fear went away because of seeing all the people that were surviving, it finally opened up."