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"Ask a doctor, first thing to ask the doctor. 'Are there any support groups?' Even if there's just one person in that community, in the same community or close by. That they can talk to, or that they can be able to communicate with. I think this in itself would be a big help right at the beginning, the first time they are diagnosed with cancer. That, I think would have helped me, if I had known of someone like that right at the beginning, someone I could talk to who had been diagnosed with cancer and who was at that time still being a survivor and doing all-right. Of course, its never too late.

I think that its really important for someone that has just been diagnosed with cancer, that there's somebody else right next to them to hold their hands and to say, I'm a survivor. That you can do it, too." Rather than go on through the pain for a long period of time. Its very painful. So that's something that the provider, I hope in the future will do with anyone that's been diagnosed with cancer."