Video Vignettes - Dora Garcia
Dora Garcia / Depression - (hurts recovery)

"The doctor said I was recovering very well. But even after that I was still in a state of shock. That first initial shock just never wore off, of being told that I had cancer, it stayed with me. After the wounds that had been in me was all okay. I was told that I was doing fine. Recovery was fine, but I still did not believe it. I was always going to the doctor with an ache here, and a ache there. I was constantly in pain and I was forever going to the doctor. This went on for months. There was times I just couldn't remember things, because I was just so frightened. That fear was still there, and I didn't know it. I just couldn't sleep. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and I couldn't go back to sleep. The doctor finally said, Okay, we need to take you to a psychologist. Because after seeing you so many times at the hospital, we finally just figured our what was really wrong."