Video Vignettes - Dora Garcia
Dora Garcia / Personal Reaction to Diagnosis

"The doctor came back and said, "The good news is, no damage was done to any parts of your vital organs. But, the bad news is that we found cancer in your kidneys."

To me, that was a blow, a real shock. I'm being told that I'm next to die. Because I have seen what cancer had done to my stepfather. We watched him go through medication and what it did, and I was frightened. Because to me it was a death sentence, and that's how I took it, as the cancer, it was a death sentence for me, and I was really frightened.

I went through this time of trying to get myself ready for the surgery. Because the doctor said I had to try to get myself ready and I was not willing to go through the surgery. I told the doctor I don't want to go to the surgery because I don't want anybody telling me how much time I have left to live after you open me up and find out that it has spread. Then you're going to tell me how much time I have left, I don't want to know. But, after being told that it was possible that this was in early stages, because of all the symptoms that I was supposed to be going through, they asked me all these questions, and I had none. I had not gone through any of the symptoms that usually is with kidney cancer. He told me that it was possible that it was in the early stages, that it was caught early. So I finally agreed."