Video Vignettes - Dilly Adsuna
Dilly Adsuna - Family Support

"Nobody really told me what to expect. So I went through my treatment alone, and that was the hardest, hardest thing to do. I think for someone to go through chemo treatment and radiation it would be very good if they had, have somebody there with them. Knowing someone is there waiting or by their side. That's the best thing is to have some kind of family support, and I didn't have that so I want to share that with everyone else to have somebody there for chemo, radiation. Make sure you bring someone with you, cause it's hard, very, very hard. My family lived in Nome and I had to travel to Anchorage for my chemo and I didn't have too much family in Anchorage at the time, so that's why I went about it alone. So its best if you have somebody there holding your hand and supporting you, saying you'll be okay that I did not have. And it was the hardest, hardest thing for me to go through my treatment, all alone."