Video Vignettes - Dennis Whiterock
Dennis Whiterock / Going to IHS doctor

"I was going to doctors and my paperwork should've been in a different area or I should have been going to the doctors in the area where my IHS papers were and none of the doctors agree that it was wise to change doctors in midstream here, because I'm down to the point now to where we're just waiting on approval to get the money for the stem cell transplant. Well, last week, finally we got to the bottom of this and I had to write a letter explaining why I go to the Inscription House and why I of my IHS papers moved from Tuba City to Kopatoe or to Kayenta and why I wanted to see these doctors. The doctors had to write referrals for me to have continuing care to the oncologist and to go ahead and have the stem cell transplant in Phoenix. So finally, I think it's straightened out, I hope I'll know more here probably in the next couple weeks to a month whether or not it's straightened out or not."