Video Vignettes - Dennis Whiterock
Dennis Whiterock / Appealed - got approved
now state won't pay bills

"So I appealed it and they went ahead and approved it. They sent me to a psychiatrist, laughter. I can't understand why they did that but they sent me to a psychiatrist and after I saw the psychiatrist they approved my disability. When they did that, they cut off my access, the state, you know, state covered insurance. So all I had left was IHS, and I had been going to a doctor, all from the beginning in another jurisdiction from, from where the IHS my IHS paperwork was.
So therefore, when they got the bills IHS was turning down payment to all the bills that I was getting and I couldn't understand why because, you know, it's a federal law. You know, it's from back in the 18 hundredths it's a treaty that IHS has to pay for Native Americans medical insurance, you know, but what, what I found out later was I was living in the wrong jurisdiction."