Video Vignettes - Caroline Shubert
Caroline Shubert - Lymphedema / Exercise

"The three of us would go for walks in the neighborhood. I would deliberatley swing my arms to try to get back the mobility and movement in my arms. I had exercises: walking your finger tips up the wall, I had to do that... Once I get them up there push down you know. Um, I spent a lot of time doing exercises, um and going for walks, I like the out of doors. After I was cleared to fly, I went up to the village. And mother was there. And the fish were running and it was so difficult because I had been cut from one side of the body to the other, the incision was healing, but I, I had very little strength in my arms. Hans and my brother, Johnny, would lift the fish up on to the table. Sometimes I could only cut two or three salmon and then I would have to go back and lie down. There is a lot of insulation across the area, and I found that even in the warmest weather I would get very, very cold."