Video Vignettes - CeCe Whitewolf
CeCe Whitewolf - mother dying

"At the end I couldn't figure out what do I have to do to help my mom die. That last day, my sister Judy and I with the hospice person came and we gave her a bath. We washed her we put baby power on her we gave her lotion on her body and rubbed her skin down and combed her hair and was drying her hair. After we finish cleaning her within about a minute or so later, she left us. And it was kind of a peaceful leaving because she wasn't hurting anymore, her death rattle was gone. The medicine lady told us to to get away from her feet. Because when spirit leaves the spirit leaves from your feet and so we had to get away from her feet. She also told us to open the doors, open the windows to the house so when she is leaving us her spirit could go and so we did that we opened all the doors and everything. My sister Judy was really having a hard time she was crying real hard. She was outside with one of the Medicine Ladies, she was crying and the lady was trying to help her, they looked up and they saw an eagle that was flying around, flying around, flying around and the Medicine lady said "See there she goes the Eagles are taking her now, don't cry."