Video Vignettes - CeCe Whitewolf
CeCe Whitewolf - mother died; children say eagles;
CeCe not afraid of death anymore

"People started coming back to the house. I said how did you guys know? Wilson said the Eagle came and got me. He said he saw the eagle outside and he knew something happened so he came back. Sam was coming back from town and he was coming up by the creek and he said he saw the eagle. And the boys came back they had already gotten their kill and they came back. So we believe that the Eagles took her when she died. That it was proof she was a good woman. But we, I also believe that they took her to see her at go see her mom and her aunties and the people who had gone before her. Because towards that very end she was telling the names of the people, it looked like she was shaking their hand. She was only talking in Nez Perce then too but she was shaking their hands and I think the eagles took her to that other world where other people have gone before her. So I am not scared of death anymore because I gonna go see her."