Video Vignettes - Caren Trujillo
Caren Trujillo - Small, private ceremonies
between you and the Creator

"... another resource that we have are our ceremonies. And when I talk with people about ceremonies, what I find is that people think, oh they have to have a spiritual man or woman to come in, prepare a big preparation, monies and have I can't have a ceremony until all this is together. Yes I understand and that this is true with some ceremonies, but what I want is us to realize just a small ceremony that we can have to do ourselves. Because you have the power, you know. It's almost like some people say, umm... huh I can't do it right now because I have to wait until these things come together before I can have a ceremony. I want you to realize just a small ceremony that you can, that you can do yourself, you know. You can go off and offer tobacco or water or you know a small little gift that you can do, a ceremony with your family, a ceremony with another loved one, a friend, a ceremony with just you and the Creator."