Video Vignettes - Ruth Burgess
Ruth Burgess / Spirituality

"We come from a Christian family and I was getting more and more depressed after my husband died and I went to a church camp. And I also sing with Native praise choir, which is made up of Indian women and we sing our cultural songs.
So we went to this church camp and we are all scattered out and they came and they said come with me come with me and I thought well, what do you want? So I went over there and she gave me this name tag and said put this on and it said, "Encourager" and it was like getting a slap on the back and saying don't become discouraged go out and encourage somebody. So that's what we they made us do that time. I said, you don't know l how much I needed that because I was falling down into the dumps and I have not let cancer do that to me and I encourage people not to let that do that to them. There's a purpose for whatever God has placed upon your life."