Video Vignettes - Ruth Burgess
Ruth Burgess / Chemotherapy (Improvements)

"I've had some friends who said, if I get cancer, I just don't think I can take the chemo because it makes you so sick. But, it's doing the job that it needs to do. And the way that, what I would like to share with people is that they have improved so much in the way they treat you... every time I took a treatment I got so sick from it. But, I went into remission, so when he came up and told me that it was back again. I just said okay let's do what we need to do. So he put me through chemo again, and he said but, this is going to be your second bout, so the only thing we can do is have a bone marrow transplant. So we have to get you ready for that and that is to try to get you in remission and then we'll go for the transplant.

     That's what we did, and I have been in remission for 13 years."