Video Vignettes - Bonnie Craig
Bonnie Craig - Sun Dance

"I believe I was on a journey at that point because when I got to the Rosebud Reservation, the first thing that I saw were these two huge 12 ft poles. They were painted white, and this driveway. They have colored cloths hanging from them, and immediately I thought something is going on here, and I just pulled right in there. These two young men came up to my car and they said, "We'll mark your vehicle for the sun dance. I thought, sun dance, amazing. You know, I've come to the right place. OK, Creator, what am I doing here?

The spiritual high that I got from just being there and hearing those songs led me into the next month of going to a doctor because I didn't feel right, something was going on, and I was having some real strange dreams. So, I started the whole testing process. What's going on, and that's how they discovered that I did have cancer. I was prepared for it, see. That's what I believe."