Video Vignettes - Bonnie Craig
Bonnie Craig - Spirituality / Traditional Healing

"With American Indians in particular, we have a unique cultural perspective on anything that we encounter, and certainly, I think that everything comes down to a matter of personal choice about how you want to approach something. Personally, I found that what worked for me was to be able to have a foot in both worlds, you know, the dominant society. What do I have access to here. The best of modern technology. What is my foundation on this other side? It's who I am as an Indian person and what I know best, what has taken care of me. My relationship with the earth, with the spirituality, with Creator. And so, I kind of said I am going to use the best of both in surviving this and that's what kept me sane, kept me motivated, kept me centered, and just kind of, you know, carried me through it."