Video Vignettes - Abigail Nashoolpuk
Abigail Nashoolpuk - Personal Reaction

"When I come up with the cancer, then, that's not for me. It's not for me. I go through too much, and I said 'Can I leave this cancer? Just leave it?' I was concerned and I had to go to make a note to the doctors and make an appointment. And forever I'm seeing the doctor, that's how I live to see this day.

They said, This is possibly cancer. And I said, 'Oh, No.' And they asked me how I was doing, I was too quiet. That was the last time this surgery they had to do because of the cancer they had found in my colon.

They sent it out, the biopsy. They told me in five days they would find out, when it comes back. I didn't sleep. The fifth day, I mostly prayed all through the night. I said, 'Lord, I can not just take dying from cancer.' Maybe somebody that know how to take this else would know how to do it, but not me. I'll have to hear that I have cancer and maybe I'm dying with it, maybe I'm not ready for it."