Video Vignettes - Abe Conklin 1
Abe Conklin - Spirituality

"If we build your spirituality with your people, you keep your roots with your people, to learn who you are and where you come from. And that's the main part, because one of these days, if you don't do these things you're going to not know it, and then you're going to go back over here and try to find it and everything might be gone by that time. So I said, "Be interested in what you do with your people and for your people". That's why I always try to teach up here.

Never forget our Creator, that's the first thing when we get up, we prayer. I said, "I think I'm speaking for all the Indian people of the world, the first thing we do is we pray and think of our Creator first, and then we go on and do the other things we're going to do for the day." That's the first thing we do is think about the Creator.

If you have the faith and belief to heal ourselves, to be able to call upon our Creator, or call among our grandfathers, to come and be with us and to help us as we go down this path of life to help us to teach what we're supposed to do to help our younger generation, as Indian people, and anybody else that wants to learn."