Video Vignettes - Thompson Williams
Thompson Williams / Something Serious, Time for Surgery

"The more doctors that I saw, the more people that were talking with me, the more it sounded like there was something serious there. One doctor told me, he said 'well, it looks like it's mostly benign, but we have some area of concern' but at that point I really didn't understand 'well, what do you mean there's an area of concern' so I just, I just decided 'well OK I'll, I'll go along with whatever's being told to me.

Lisa was my navigator, so she was with me kinda explaining what they were saying. Finally when push came to shove and the doctors started to talk about stages then that's when Lisa was explaining to me 'what they're trying to say is this is for real, you've got an area of concern'.

The doctors started talking about surgery "