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Thompson Williams / Repeat Symptoms and Second Colonoscopy

"At that point when after the colonoscopy then I wasn't having problems anymore and so I thought 'OK well, it's been taken care of'. The doctors said 'you know, we have these things called colon cancer' and I told them 'yeh, I heard of that' but I had no idea of what it was.

I'd never thought anything more of it but then as the year went on and it started getting closer to fall, winter, the same symptoms started coming back. That started kinda wearing on me thinking what was going to go on and then I was able to get enough for the procedure again.

That was a good thing, so I went through the procedure again and had another colonoscopy. This time the doctor just said 'well, you know, you have a tumor that's bigger than or twice the size of the last one'."