Video Vignettes - Thompson Williams
Thompson Williams / Prayers and Ceremonies

"So, we got, we about ready and we decided what day we were going to have the surgery.

We begain the process, all the procedures that went with it and everything that was wrong with me they begin to look at and each time it was said 'well, you can't do this if your hearts not strong enough, we can't do it, if your kidneys aren't strong enough we can't do this test, if your diabetes is to high we can't do this.'

As each test came up I had people in this community, in different places went through ceremonies, prayers. I have family who are traditional and have family who are christian. My sister is a minister and this was the 1st time that there was never a conflict between them, they had come together at prayers and things to asure that my surgery and everthing else would go, go good.

I was told, you know, your heart may not be able to stand it, your kidneys may not have enough strength to go through this, your diabeted is to high it's going to affect the anesthesia, or during the process of doing the operation. And it was funny because one by one each thing fell, fell away. They said 'your hearts strong enough, your kidneys are OK' and then they came down to the diabetes and they said 'well, if it's above this amount we can't go'. And so, when I walked in and they tested they said 'wow, you're down by, you're 50 points below what you need' and I thought 'everything, everything's falling in to place, everything that I've gone through, I think these prayers, these ceremonies, these things that have been gone through for me are allowing me to step up and do this.'"