Video Vignettes - Thompson Williams
Thompson Williams / Deciding to Sign the Surgery Form

"The pre-op, laying there and talking to the, it was real informative, for me, like I said I never gone through anything like this, never had a surgery, never had anything like this happen.

You're sitting there deciding whether you're want to sign this paper, that says, is case you die on the table it's not our fault. That realization sunk in and I thought, well, I could still op-out and the thing that happened was that the doctor's partner the same one I went to, not the surgeon, but his partner, was standing next to me and he kinda looked at me and I said well, 'what if I don't, you know, sign this and we don't do this'? He said, 'well it's your choice, you can do it' and then he was really point blank he said 'but, by the time we get you turned around to do this again I think you're going to be dead'.

He said 'because you're lucky right now we can get it and nothing will happen but the speed that it's moving, apparently it was so big at one point it could be all over with once it gets into those limp nodes'. I had never thought about it, that it could spread to the rest of your body, but he said 'right now we can get it' and I looked at him and I said 'OK' because it had taken me a year to come back in and so I think that's what in his head, that it's going to take you another year to turn around and come back and he said 'by that time you might be dead'. I thought OK let's go so I singed it."