Video Vignettes - Thompson Williams
Thompson Williams / Colonoscopy and First Results

"I went in and had the procedure done and I didn't expect to see anything. They had told me what they'll do and I'd talked with Lisa and she told me everything to expect, so I wasn't worried about anything. I walked in and did the procedure.

When I went in for the colonoscopy, this was the first time that I'd had any kind of anesthesia that was supposed to relax me more than working on my teeth. When I did have work done it took a lot to numb me so I figured I'd be awake through the whole thing. I got there, they told me 'Well this will relax you' next thing I know they're... in the recovery rooms, 'What happened, did we stop doing it?' and they said 'oh yeh we got done' oh OK, so it was a surprise. I was kind of goofy and really never experienced that before. People had a lot of fun with me that time, I couldn't, I wasn't in my right head.

When we got the results back it was really a surprise because they had talked about having little polyps, things like that, well what they had found inside was something as big as my thumb"