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Thompson Williams / Explaining Surgery to his Youngest Son

"I still had doubts and my youngest, a real young man, just a baby to me, he's 14 years old but he's still my baby, just not living with me, he lives back in Oklahoma.

He was the one who was really having... struggling with it and so my ex-wife called and said 'you need to tell him what you're going through' and so I said 'well OK' so I got on the phone and I used her as an example I said 'you know, your mom had two cesareans, that got your sister and your brother, so they're only taking a small part of me out and you can imagine the big giant things they took out of your mom so this is really nothing'.
When I explained it to him in that way he said 'OK, they're just taking a little bitty part of you out and mom had these big babies that were pulled out of her' so he felt better. So, that was the easy part."