Video Vignettes - Jennie Joe
Jennie Joe / Message to Others

"Most women have to remember that they more than anybody else know about their body. I think we can tell when there's something isn't really right and I think you need to go with that intuition, I think you need to do something. I didn't want to find out but I also knew that if I didn't find out that it may be something that I l regret and I also know that you can survive cancer now, you know, which many people sort of used to think it was something that was irreversible, that you'd die.

I think the important thing that I can say it that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence, that there is a way to deal with it and the earlier you can get help your chances are much better and that we shouldn't have to fear it and not talk about it, it's something that should be discussed."