Video Vignettes - Frank Murcer
Frank Mercer - Symptoms

"The symptoms began where I passed blood in my stool, so I went to the doctor, and they told me that I had hemorrhoids........ from the initial examination. So, they said they were going to cut them out. They wanted me to come back for surgery and they gave me a date to go there, so I didn't have no ill effects at all of any sort. I never had any clue to having cancer at all because I didn't hurt nowhere. I went back to the hospital on the day that they were suppose to operate, so they prepared me for surgery. Just before they wheeled me into the surgery, the doctor came and talked to me and told me that I had cancer. The biopsy showed I had cancer. Seems like I didn't have any time to react to cancer. I thought about cancer before, and I have thought more about the prostate cancer than any other type of cancer, simply because a person my age is more susceptible to prostate cancer, and since I never had an examination for that type of cancer in almost two years, I was just thinking about I think it was about time I went and had an examination, and then that same night the symptoms appeared, and so, but it wasn't prostate."